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Push-To-Talk Over Cellular

PTToC is a next generation push to talk  service that removes all limitation imposed by traditional Radio "Walkie-Talkie" solutions like limited range and nmber of channels. The service enables instant communication service between groups of professionals using regular Smartphones or specialized smart devices. Using the service is very simple, one can speak directly to the rest of the group members by the touch of a button. This kind of communication helps to maximize productivity and coordination of teams.

  1. Supported on mobile phones and Smartphones

  2. Rapid call establishment and minimal delays

    • Individuals

    • Groups of up to 200 participants

  3. Real-time presence

  4. Location and tracking via GPS, WIFI, Cell-Id

  5. Advanced PMR functionalities

    • Instant groups

    • Group Scans

    • Call prioritisation

    • Alerts

  6. Secure communication

  7. Centralized management of user’s configurations

  8. Control center with location and recording functionality

  9. Remote installation procedure via SMS

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